What to Plant This Spring

Spring can be the best time for planting. Get ideas on what to plant so your garden will be fully utilized for this season.

What to Plant This Spring

Spring can be the best time to fill your calendar with spring break parties, plant crops in your garden, or plan a spring garden wedding complete with spring-inspired invitations and spring wedding favors. With everything around you looking refreshed and alive, spring is the best time to rejuvenate your garden as well.

Take advantage of the sun and the great weather to produce good harvest from your garden. While spring is generally good weather for growing almost any plant, there are some plants and flowers that are best grown specifically during spring.

Your garden will look and smell beautiful this spring with orchids, dahlias and cherry blossoms. The bright colors of these flowers will truly bring life to your garden. Roses, peonies and tulips also grow at their best during spring. The sun and the air will really bring the freshest and the brightest of roses and tulips. They stay fresh indoors as long as you put them in watered vases and live longer than they normally would during other seasons.

Arm yourself with recipes using eggplants and herbs like basil and rosemary as you can grow them bountifully in your garden or in small pots placed in your kitchen. You can harvest them and make Italian recipes as fresh and as authentic as they can be. These rich smelling herbs can truly compliment any dish and what's best is you can grow a lot of them during spring. You can dry or store these herbs for months if you want to use them in the future. For eggplants, use them as soon as possible to get the most nutrients from them.

Planting during spring can be a great bonding activity as well for the family. Kids and adults can learn to appreciate home-grown vegetables and flowers and get to spend quality time with each other as well. You can make this coming spring as extraordinary and as special as it can be with activities that can help you save and create lasting memories while maximizing the gifts that this season has to offer. Spring can be that time of the year that you look forward to not just because of the parties but for activities at home. Growing these plants will only take a few minutes of your time. You need not worry about spending a lot of time in maintaining them since the spring season is the best time for plants to grow anyway.

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