What is a Container Garden

In simplest terms, a container garden is just that -- a garden in a container.

What is a Container Garden

In simplest terms, a container garden is just that-a garden in a container. You can use just about any container that fits the space you have available for your garden. These kinds of projects are wonderful for the gardening enthusiast who has no yard but still wants to enjoy the process and product of gardening. Creative gardeners can mix plants, planting quick growing leaf lettuces and small herbs in and around the larger ones, creating a container garden that is beautiful and useful.

A wide range of flowers, vegetables, and herbs perform well in this type of garden. A window box can provide, for example, a wonderful container for a flower garden of annuals such as marigolds, geraniums, and pansies. The garden will brighten a home and novice gardeners will be able to handle the limited scope of effort required.

Small fruiting plants such as tomatoes and peppers can be grown successfully in a container garden along with smaller root vegetables as well. Small leaf lettuces and salad greens are ideal vegetables in this kind of a garden because of their short path to maturity. An herb garden raised in a container is especially easy, and the addition of fresh herbs can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one.

These days, almost all of the herbs, flowers, and vegetables you would have in your container garden can be purchased as seeds, seedlings, or mature plants. You can choose according to your level of expertise to start from scratch or transplant your masterpiece.

Almost anything that can hold soil and allow for water drainage can be used for your container garden. You can use a pot, a planter, a wooden crate, a barrel, or even an old bucket. Be creative. Choose something that reflects your décor or your personality. Do you have an outdoor bar? How about a garden growing from an old wooden cask? Do you like to paint? A very inexpensive ceramic or terra cotta planter can be transformed into an elegant container. When you start to view everyday items as potential soil beds, you're likely to realize a great deal of what you throw away could be recycled instead.

Above all, this kind of gardening can perfectly suit your needs and tastes directly. You choose the style. You choose the plants. You choose the container to fit within the confines of the space you have available. Whether you're searching for a perfect solo project or a family production, crafting and managing a container garden might be the ideal choice for you.

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