Waterfalls Ponds and Gardens

Waterfalls change the appearance of the garden, giving the garden the roaring sound of water and increasing humidity. Gardeners have many options when constructing their waterfalls.

Waterfalls Ponds and Gardens

Property owners sometimes install waterfalls on to their ponds. Waterfalls provide a home with a natural appearance and provide a consistent roaring or bubbling sound. Also, waterfalls help increase the humidity of dry areas by passing air through the water. Some waterfalls also serves as part of the pond's filtration process. These waterfalls usually rely on pumps to draw water from the pond and circulate the waterfall over a rock or a ledge.

Water Flow

To create a waterfall scene that looks realistic, property owners must design the pond so that water flows from one area above and then falls down to another area below. Some waterfalls seem to simply emerge from underneath the rocks, which can save the property owner money, but does not look as realistic.

Multiple Waterfalls

Property owners can create multiple waterfalls. These waterfalls can come from different streams of water and converge at one point, can split from one point into two waterfalls or the waterfalls can be set up like tiers, with the water stream falling down several different ledges.

Natural Appearance

Waterfalls are usually combined with rocks or some other natural formation so that the waterfall looks like something out of nature rather than looking lime something man made.


When designing the waterfall, property owners must consider the water splash. Waterfalls can splash water up on the guests. However, property owners can provide enough space between the guests and the waterfall to where the water does not splash up on the guests as much. Also, property owners can use smaller quantities of water to create smaller splashes.


Waterfalls use pumps to guide water through concealed hoses so that the water can travel from the bottom reservoir back up to the top of the waterfall. Property owners can either place the pump in the water or can put the pump above water. Submerged pumps make less noise, but are harder to service than above water pumps, which make more noise. Also, the more water the pump must move, the larger the pump and the more noise that the pump makes. Also, higher waterfalls require greater pump power to push the water up to the top of the waterfall. To keep the pumps from taking away from the natural beauty of the property, designers have created pumps that look like rocks. Homeowners can easily conceal the hose under dirt or rocks.

Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks can add beauty to the pond, but they can also serve a practical function by helping the homeowner control where the water flows in the waterfall. Property owners can also place lighting on the waterfall, which gives the waterfall a glow that makes it visible at night. However, the lighting can take away from the natural look.

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