Vertical Gardening How to Get Started

Not everyone has a large amount of space for a garden.

Vertical Gardening How to Get Started

Not everyone has a large amount of space for a garden. If you do not have a yard to use for gardening, and you want to grow something that can not thrive indoors, vertical gardening may be for you. Many people like the basic idea of vertical gardening but are not sure exactly how to get started with the process. Below are a few simple basic steps you can take to get yourself going with vertical gardening? Keep in mind that these are just ideas and can easily be changed per your preferences.

Do your research

Prior to starting anything new, you will really want to take the time and do your research. The internet is a great place to start to find out about vertical gardening. Your local library may also be a great researouce to find out additional information. If you are going to use the internet you can search for a few gardening forums. Here you will be able to find some who have experience with vertical gardening and can offer you a few ideas and suggestions.

Pick your location

Some have found that using trellises or building one that can easily sit on your porch or patio is a good option. Stores like Home Depot sell hanging gardens that only require you to install a hook that you can hang it up on. The key is to pick a spot that offers a lot of sunlight to your garden. Keep in mind that you will need plenty of space for your garden to grow on. The location that you pick will need to be one that will allow you to put the plants in an area where you will have no problem keeping an eye on them. Remember that vies can quickly grow out of control and all over the place if not watched carefully.

Decide what you are going to grow

Take the time to decide if you are going to be growing vegetables or plants in your vertical garden. You will need to know this in order to know exactly what supplies you will need. What you grow really makes a difference, since some plants; need more water and nutrients when growing vertically. For example if you are going to grow, tomatoes, than you will want to do some research on growing tomatoes vertically. You can click here to see which plants would be best for vertical growing.

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