Vegetable Gardening Basics

If you have never had a vegetable garden you will want to find out the basics of gardening that you need to know. Anyone can have a productive vegetable garden with practice.

Vegetable Gardening Basics

Are you interested in vegetable gardening? It is a relaxing hobby that is also very productive since you grow your own produce, so you won't have to buy it at the grocery store. It is nice to do something you love and be able to reap the rewards from it too.

It is so exciting to watch your plants emerge from the ground for the first time. It isn't difficult to grow your own vegetables; people have been doing it since the beginning of time. Like everything in life practice makes perfect. Every year you garden you will become more successful at it. You do need to do some reading about topics such as when to sow the seeds in your climate, how deep the seeds should be sown, how far apart and whether or not the plants need to be in an area with full sun or not. Each type of plant will have different requirements. Reading about gardening will also help you prepare for new additions to your garden the following planting season. Talking to a seasoned gardener with years of experience will also give you valuable tips.

Many people don't know that some plants such as chives and strawberries are perennials so they grow back every year, and don't need replanting. When you plant perennials make sure you mark the spot where they are planted so they don't become disturbed when you are digging or plowing the next year you plant your garden. Putting a fence up around your garden may be a good idea to keep out hungry animals that may want to eat your vegetables. A fence will also help you remember exactly where your garden is located in your yard so you will have an easier time narrowing down where your perennials are planted.

After you plant your seeds in the perfect spot you must make sure you weed your garden regularly so the weeds don't choke the plants, and water them daily. Putting black plastic down around your plants can keep most of the weeds from popping up. It is important to realize that some plants take longer to grow than others and need more time to mature before being picked. Plants such as onions and carrots need a longer time to grow than plants like peas and green beans. When your vegetables are finally ready to be picked you will glad you picked gardening as a past time.

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