Unique Ways to Plant Vegetables

Try these unique ways to plant vegetables when planning a garden this year, and enjoy freshly grown produce all summer long.

Unique Ways to Plant Vegetables

Vegetables are typically planted in a garden plot, but they can be planted in containers. This is especially helpful when yard space is greatly limited. Land is not necessary to plant a garden. Those living in apartments and other homes with limitations can enjoy many of the same fresh-grown veggies as those with acreage. Try these unique ways to plant vegetables when planning a garden this year, and enjoy freshly grown produce all summer long.

Plant Lettuce in Hanging Baskets

Ready-made hanging baskets of flowers are expensive. Try something completely different, and instead of planting baskets filled with flowers, embellish hanging planters with a few varieties of leaf lettuce and beautiful flowers. The lettuce can be harvested and enjoyed as it grows, and the flowers will add vibrant color to the mix. Reseed the lettuce as necessary, and enjoy the beauty of the bright hues. No one will guess the greenery is leaf lettuce. Plant vivid pink petunias with the vegetables, and enjoy them for months on end. For something really unique, enjoy the colorful petunia blooms in a salad or a wrap. They are one of many edible flowers, and they are the perfect accompaniment to lettuce when looking for unique ways to plant vegetables.

Use a Wading Pool to Plant and Grow Peppers and More

Planters are expensive, even those that are not very unique or decorative. Most are hardly big enough to grow a substantial amount of vegetables, even the largest available pots. When looking for unique planters for vegetables, forget about buying a flowerpot. Buy a hand hard plastic wading pool instead. Drill quarter-inch holes in the bottom, and line it with a layer of gravel for additional drainage. Fill this unique planter with soil, and fill it with a variety of vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are all great choices since they do not take up a lot of space. This is one of the largest and most unique alternate ready-made planters. Considering the size, it is by far the cheapest too.

Plant Cherry Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are ideal for growing cherry tomatoes. They are essentially fruit, but most people consider them vegetables because they are not sweet like strawberries, apples, and other sugary varieties. They will vine and develop an abundance of fruit when given proper care. Consider planting unique varieties instead of classic red. It is convenient to have unique planters filled with luscious tomatoes and vegetables, right outside the door.

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