Unique Gift Ideas for the Gardener

Gift ideas for the gardener's in your life. Birthday, Mother's Day, or just because, a gift that is sure to please.

Unique Gift Ideas for the Gardener

Tired of the "oh..., you shouldn't have" from a gift recipient? Below are some unique gift ideas for the gardeners in your lives. For a birthday, mother's day, or just because. Here are some great gift ideas for someone special in your life that enjoys getting their hands a little dirty.

The Gardener: How many pairs of garden gloves and little shovels can one person get as a gift? Too many... Honestly she probably already has a closet full of them. How about you give the gardener in your life a secret garden? To execute, buy seasonal bulbs (that work in their location) in varying colors. Your local garden centers often sell bulbs 1 at a time in a variety of colors. Buy a selection (about two dozen bulbs) that goes well with each other and has the same planting time and depth (i.e. late spring planting: gladiolas, available in a plethora of colors. Fall planting: tulips, daffodils or crocuses).

Remove from packaging and place in a gift bag with a hand written or typed general direction sheet of when to plant and how deep, and that your gift to them is a surprise garden for them to enjoy- some assembly required. The anticipation is great. They have to wait months to see what the fruits of their labor were, and what colors you selected for them. They bloom for many years and they will enjoy them and think of you in blooming season. It is inexpensive, and toughtfull, I would love to get a secret garden, and the people I have given them to thank me every season.

Another gift a gardener would never pass up is a home-made coupon for a day of weeding/planting. Everyone enjoys the garden in full bloom, but the back breaking labor to put it in, and keep up with it is often forgotten. How happy would your aunt, grandmother, mother, sister or friend be to have a helping hand for a day to get their garden in order? Besides the help, the bonding alone time with each other is good for the soul, as is getting your hands dirty! I don't know of anyone with a garden who would turn down forced...I mean gift labor. It's free, and you know it will be appreciated.

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