The Art and Magic of Home Gardening

This article presents creative gardening ideas to enhance home gardening efforts. Ways to enjoy the garden more are presented.

The Art and Magic of Home Gardening

Gardening is a beautiful hobby with so many benefits. By using creative gardening ideas, many positive outcomes for the individual gardener may be achieved. Many find that through gardening, increased happiness and a sense of peace occur. It is amazing the pleasure that can come from the simple practice of gardening. The enjoyment of gardening is enhanced by using creative gardening ideas. The following are some creative gardening ideas to foster a sense of joy in the garden:

Design a Garden Journal

It is great fun to design a completely creative garden journal. A garden journal is as individual as the unique garden it comes from. A garden journal may contain cuttings from the garden. It is convenient to record plantings here in order to have a good data collection of crops and flowers that are planted in the garden. Also, hand drawn diagrams of the garden may be included and illustrated with colored pencils. Add an original garden poem for a special touch.

Enhance Soil Richness with Compost

Do not seek to just take from the garden without giving anything back. Always remember that a garden is a two way relationship. Among the more important gardening ideas is the notion of enhancing soil richness with compost. Compost can be made by stockpiling leaves, eggshells, coffee grounds and twigs. Keep turning these in a moist pile until the soil is enriched. Feeding the soil is the very best way of feeding the plants.

Cultivate Herbs

Herbs are generally quite easy to grow. The realm of cultivating herbs is the very point where gardening ideas and great cooking ideas meet. By cultivating herbs, all the dishes created in the kitchen will have an incredibly fresh, delicious taste and smell. Many gardeners derive enormous pleasure from even a small herb plot.

Put a Comfortable Chair in the Garden

One way of getting great pleasure from the garden is to set aside time every day to spend in the garden. Select the best part of the garden and place a comfortable chair there. Sit and observe the garden, including all the sights, sounds and smells. This is a full- sensory experience that will become a most favorite part of the day.

The above are some gardening ideas that comprise the art and magic of home gardening. Cultivate herbs, keep a garden journal and observe the garden daily. Reciprocate the relationship by composting the garden. These gardening ideas are inspirational to novice and seasoned gardeners alike.

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