Ten Easy Gardening Tips

Here are some frugal gardening tips that can help anyone and help save some money.

Ten Easy Gardening Tips //how-to.garden/gathering-vegetable-seeds"> e ten easy gardening tips that can help anyone and help save some money:

  1. Stale coffee and coffee grounds make great organic fertilizer. They provide trace minerals and low levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.
  2. A good soaking of water less often is better than light watering every day for both veggies and lawn.
  3. Ask for cuttings from friends or neighbors instead of going to the nursery and buying one.
  4. For easier watering of tomato plants, bury a bottomless coffee can next to the tomato plant and pour the water into the can. This will deep root water your plants.
  5. Plant marigolds in your vegetable garden. They attract insects that eat aphids and other pests.
  6. Cut used carpet into wide strips and lay them down between the rows in our garden. Now you can pick peas with getting dirty.
  7. Use your grass clippings as mulch around your vegetable plants. This keeps moisture in and weeds out.
  8. Pine needles make excellent mulch.
  9. Here's a natural, frugal garden pest spray: mix 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap and 1 cup of cooking oil. Use 3 tablespoons of this mixture to 1 quart of water and spray on plants.
  10. In herb gardens with aggressive plants like mint, put them it in a clay pot and then just plant the whole pot. This prevents them from taking over the whole garden.

Happy gardening.

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