SeaGarden Aquarium Choices

Aquarium plants are very difficult to take care of. However, various vendors sell fake aquarium plants that still give the aquarium a natural look.

SeaGarden Aquarium Choices

SeaGarden is the oldest public park in the world, located in Bulgaria. That historic place inspired the name of a brand of artificial aquarium plants known as SeaGarden. SeaGarden designed these silk plants to have an appearance that mirrors that of real life plants. Like with real plants, the fake plants come with resin that holds the plant in place. Fake aquarium plants remove the hassle of maintenance and balancing the conditions of the aquarium. However, aquarium plants can increase the oxygen content that the fish badly need.

Dictyota Verde

Dictyota verde is a fake aquarium plant with ruffled leaves. The tips of the leaves have a pale yellowish-green color and the leaves closer to the stem have more brown. The stem has a green color.

Sargassum Platycarpum

The sargassum platycarpum sports pale and grayish-green leaves. Rough edges and a distinct red stem distinguish the sargassum platycarpum from the other plants created by SeaGarden.

Dictyota Rossa

The Dictyota rossa stands out with pinkish-red color. This plant has not a hint of green on it. Observers might struggle to point out where the leaves end and the stem begins. The leaves simply look like wider parts of the stem.

Red Hemi

Another pinkish-red plant created by SeaGarden is the Red Hemi. Individual leaves and stems grow on this plant. Barely visible veins cover the Red Hemi.

Broad Leaf Ludwiga

The Broad Leaf Ludwiga looks brown and red. Ruffled leaves attach to long and thin stems. Some parts of the stems completely lack leaves, while other parts have leaves clustered around them.

Tiger Lotus

The Tiger Lotus has large leaves with grayish-green color. Spots cover the Lotus like freckles, making the leaves look somewhat dirty. The leaves attach to long and thin stems.

Curly Crispus

The Curly Crispus gets its name from the very dark green, curly leaves. The curly leaves wiggle with the bubbles in the aquarium. The leaves almost have an isosceles triangle shape with the thinnest point attaching to the stem.