Plant an Herb Garden and Spice Up Your Life

Common and unusual herbs can be grown even at home in containers for extra added taste to your cooking, for adding beauty to your surroundings, and for a fun and fruitful (or herbful) hobby.

Plant an Herb Garden and Spice Up Your Life

Basil, cloves, chives, dill, mint. We've seen these called for in many a recipe and on the supermarket shelves. But growing herbs is easier than you might think. There are many gardening ideas for an herb garden, and you do not even need a backyard to do it. Growing herbs is possible even for apartment dwellers who can plant an herb garden in containers, which is just one of the several gardening ideas for growing herbs and adding a little freshness and spice to your dinner table.

Even if you are not a cook, growing herbs is a wonderful gardening idea if only for the pleasant aromatic foliage and beautiful flowers that many herbs produce. Herbs can be used fresh as a garnish for salads, can perk up the flavor of bland vegetables or meats, and can be used in a variety of herb teas. Today many people interested in alternative healing have rediscovered the medicinal properties of many herbs and are growing herbs for their therapeutic values.

Some of the most commonly grown herbs in an herb garden are:

Growing herbs is one of those gardening ideas that not only provides one with the joy of gardening, but much like vegetable gardening an herb garden gives you the added pleasure of enjoying the fruits of your labors. The flavorings that herb gardens provide to our daily bread (and other foods) can truly add spice to your life. Ask anyone who has used fresh herbs in their cooking and they will tell you that store bought dried herbs can't compare. So for some fresh "parsley-sage-rosemary-and-thyme" you don't have to go to Scarborough Fair-you just have to plant your own herb garden.

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