Nuture and Nourishment Through Gardening

This article is about gardening. It describes companion gardening. The benefits of gardening financially and emotionally

Nuture and Nourishment Through Gardening

Spring is fast approaching and it is the best time to start planning your garden. Sure it is easy to purchase your fruits and vegetables from a store but there is something very satisfying about growing your own.

Growing your own vegetables allows you to control the quality of earth and the insecticides used on the plants. Organic vegetables can be very expensive. This not only allows you to control the quality of your food but the satisfaction of watching it grow.

Its important to test your soil and determine what types of vegetables can be grown in your soil. If your soil is lacking you must determine what you can add to the soil to bring it up to par. There are many kits on the market that can help you with that..

I would suggest reading up as much as possible on the subject. Many people swear by companion gardening. This is planting different plants close together with the theory that they assist each other in pollination, pest control and nutrient uptake. The variety of plants helps to make a more attractive garden and provides a more productive use of space. An example of companion gardening is planting marigolds near tomatoes. Marigolds repel beetles. Another example is planting horseradish near potatoes. The horseradish increases the disease resistance in potatoes. There are many combinations and you will find the research on this subject to be both interesting and productive.

A good thing is to network with other gardeners with the intent of exchanging your produce. This will help to give you a balance of the crops that are grown. You may not want to exchange your green peppers for example but who needs a bumper crop of dill. Of course this is all according to personal consumption but it is beneficial to trade. Not only will it give you more variety but will provide you with the opportunity to try different vegetables and exchange knowledge and experience with fellow gardeners.

I have know gardeners who sold their produce to friends and family. Others who had a larger gardens would sell to restaurants and farmers markets. Everyone appreciates fresh wholesome vegetables. It is not hard to find buyers if your vegetables are healthy. These days you will find more people who would rather purchase fresh from a garden than from a supermarket.

Gardening not only provides nutrients but it nourishes the soul. Whether it is an unemployed person feeling unproductive, a disabled person gaining confidence or a lonely person looking for fulfillment, gardening provides the answer.

Gardening can help stretch the budget and bring satisfaction to your life. All it takes is research, dedication and hard work but the results will be well worth it.

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