New Garden Idea Start Seeds in Milk Jugs

Forget starting your seeds indoors with grow lamps, try starting them outdoors in milk jugs. I'll tell you how.

New Garden Idea Start Seeds in Milk Jugs

The seed packets are finally out at garden centers! It's a sure sign spring is just around the corner.

Many gardeners start their seeds indoors this time of year. The process is a bit tedious. It typically involves seed trays and grow lamps, but there is a new way to start your seeds.

Edith Renick from Bachman's, a well known floral shop in Minneapolis, says gardeners can start seeds inside milk jugs and let them grow outdoors.

"Milk jugs act like a mini-greenhouse," Renick told 12 News. "You can put some soil and seeds inside them and let them grow outside, even while there is snow on the ground."

This new concept is called winter sowing, and it's slowly becoming popular as a way to save money on flowers.

"By starting seeds yourself you don't have to buy expensive plants later on," Renick said.

Renick starts seeds in about 15 milk jugs in her back yard and by May she has a great start to the season with a variety of flowers ready to put in her garden.

Here's how:

1. Collect and clean out one gallon size milk jugs

2. Drill or poke holes in the bottom of the jug

3. Cut the jug about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom, leaving a small part attached to act as a hinge

4. Fill the jug with soil

5. Soak the soil in water

6. Sprinkle half a packet of cold hearty seeds, either annuals or perennial, inside

7. Put a label inside and write on the outside of the jug with marker so you know what's inside

8. Tape the jug shut and keep the cap of the jug off

9. Put the jug outside in the snow and watch your plants grow

Renick says you don't have to water them, the snow keeps them insulated and the sun gets trapped inside. By April you'll have plants bursting out of your small greenhouses that can be transplanted right into your flowerbed.

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