Need Garden Tips Check Out the Neighbors Garden

Flowers and plants that grow well for your neighbor will probably thrive in your garden, too. Go ahead and snoop. Make a new friend by admiring the garden.

Need Garden Tips Check Out the Neighbors Garden

It's never too early or too late to make plans to make the flower garden better.If you took pictures of other gardens that you liked last summer, pull them out and study them as you plan for changes in your garden.

Midsummer is a great time to assess the year's garden and make notes of what works and what can be changed for the following year.

Learn from Others

Make a note in your garden journal that midsummer is also the perfect time to pay attention to other gardens in the vicinity to see firsthand the success and failures of fellow gardeners. Most flowers will be in full bloom and space requirements as well as plant position will be evident.

Take a camera or notebook and pen with you as you walk the neighborhood or drive around the area at any time during the year. Pay attention to the things you see that you don't like as well as the things you'd like to try.

Instant Blooms

Annual flowering plants will put instant color into gardening plan. With so many types of annual plants available, checking the neighborhood gardens while they are in full bloom will give you a better idea of what type of annual works best in certain spaces and with other types of flowers.

At the appropriate time you will be prepared to purchase annuals at planting time from the nursery or garden center.

Perennial Flowers

Once established, perennial flowering plants will come back for many years. Many gardeners find their favorite perennials and plan the rest of the flower garden around them. Perennials often bloom later in the growing season than other plants, but continuous blooms can be assured by planting annuals and bulbs around them.

Perennial flowering plants in varying heights and colors are available to be the basis of any gardening plan. Most are easily transplanted. Once the perennials have bloomed, take note of the look of the garden so that changes can be made in the fall or early spring.

Take special note of how other gardeners use perennials in their gardens. Consider the height and colors of the plants and how the ones you find appealing would fit into your landscape.


Many gardeners think spring when they think about bulbs. The fact is that there are bulbs for all seasons and can help add beauty to most flower garden plans. Crocus and anemone can shoot up while snow is still on the ground, while hyacinth and allium show up in the late spring.

Summer bulbs like Gladiolus will bloom two to three months after they are planted. Dahlia, tuberous begonia, caladium ad calla lily are other summer blooming bulbs.

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