Hydroponic Misconceptions

Hydroponics can make gardening much easier for many homeowners. However, some shy away from hydroponics because of common misconceptions.

Hydroponic Misconceptions

Hydroponic growers rely on a water and nutrient solution. Few gardeners have used hydroponics, so many myths about hydroponics propagate. Some of these myths seek to discourage gardeners from trying hydroponics, while other myths attempt to separate hydroponics growers from their money.

Hydroponics are Unnatural

Some see hydroponics as strange, unnatural, new and bad for the environment. Hydroponics growing provides plants with all the nutrients that they need and provides the plants with the ideal amount of water, according to Constantly Growing. This strategy is not new but has instead been used for thousands of years, with usage stretching all the way back to Ancient Egypt. The most inaccurate part of these myths is that hydroponics harms the environment. In reality, hydroponics benefits the environment by using less water and eliminating fertilizer runoff.

Hydroponics is Forceful

Some see hydroponics growing as forcibly growing the plants by providing them with more nutrients than they would normally consume. In reality, hydroponics provides plants with the amount of nutrients that they need to grow to their greatest potential, according to Growing Edge. Hydroponics growers must ensure that the plants receive enough nutrients and too many nutrients will cause the plants to brown and die.

Hydroponics Works Only Indoors

Hydroponic growers often grow their plants indoors. This fact has lead many gardeners to believe that hydroponic plants can only be grown indoors. However, hydroponics plants can actually grow anywhere. Some plants are easier to grow in indoor environments where the gardener can control the climate for the plant. However, outdoors environments usually give gardeners more space to put their plants.

Similar Plants Need Similar Nutrients

Some marketers of hydroponics products have claimed that hydroponics plants of a particular species and many plants of similar species need the same amounts of nutrients. In reality, plants need different nutrient amounts depending on the environmental conditions and the plant's health.

Hydroponics is Difficult

Some gardeners think that see complex hydroponic gardens and assume that the average gardener will struggle with hydroponics. However, gardeners can choose from many easier hydroponics growing methods such as growing plants in sawdust and a little water. Some gardeners also fear the costs associated with hydroponics growing. Many hydroponics systems cost more than traditional growing methods, but only initially. Also, these costs are miniscule.

Grow Lights Harm Gardeners

Gardeners should not fear the grow lights. While they look like the more harmful tanning bed lights, they do not give off as much ultraviolet light because plants do not need very much ultraviolet light.