How to Find Gardening Inspiration

Some ways to find gardening inspiration include studying style and uniqueness. A butterfly garden is also inspiring.

How to Find Gardening Inspiration

Gardens inspire a feeling of total relaxation and ease. This is a highly desirable trait in today's hectic world of "hustle and bustle." Gardeners may find joy in home gardening and spending time in the garden may clarify and organize their thoughts. The following are some ways to find home gardening inspiration:


Always give thorough thought to home gardening style before creating the garden. In general there are three styles to select from. These include formal, informal and natural. Formal gardens are mostly square or rectangle in shape, whereas informal gardens offer a consistent flow of plants throughout the garden. Natural gardens are reminiscent of woods and appear untouched by mankind. Any of these styles are appealing and selecting one is simply a matter of personal choice. Look at examples of each type of gardening in gardening magazines and books in order to find elements of each style that are especially appealing and attractive to the eye.


In order to create uniqueness in home gardening, look closely at garden containers and select them carefully. Of course, plants may be seeded directly into the garden but many people feel that using containers as well as directly seeded plants adds a great deal to the garden aesthetic. Containers that look appealing are to be found everywhere. One suggestion is to use an old watering can as a container. It looks quite charming in the garden and draws the eye at once.

Plant a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are a beautiful and welcome addition to any garden. It is tranquil to watch butterflies flit from flower to flower. Consider planting milkweeds in order to entice butterflies and then enjoy the pleasure of watching them outside the window on a sunny day.

Use Crop Rotation

When vegetable gardening, it is wise to use a crop rotation strategy to ensure that the garden does not get nutritionally depleted. Crop rotation helps avoid pests and diseases also. Some people like to draw a rotation chart to accomplish organized crop rotation in home gardening. Rotate crops every season or two in order to keep the soil healthy.

The above are some practical and useful home gardening inspirations. Home gardening offers many opportunities to those who love it, including peace, joy and better health. It is time to enjoy home gardening as a remarkable retreat in a turbulent world.

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