Have a Praiseworthy Garden

Use home gardening to develop beautiful vines, vegetables and easy to grow flowers. Then, give back by donating some of the harvest.

Have a Praiseworthy Garden

Home gardening enriches a homeowner's satisfaction in their residence. A fragrant, well- kept garden can bring up the property value of a home. All who enter a well- manicured garden have an uplifting experience. The following are some home gardening suggestions to achieve a praise-worthy garden:

Plant a Vegetable Plot

It is so rewarding to plant a vegetable plot. There are many varieties of vegetables that are aesthetically pleasing. Some of these include home gardening all-stars such as cabbage, Swiss chard and lettuce varieties. Home grown produce can also be organic and very healthy to eat. Many people feel that vegetables are fruit taste differently when eaten directly from the bush or plant.

Use Beautiful Vines

There are so many types of vines available when home gardening. It is remarkable how beautiful some of these vines are. Vines may be trained to do things that are quite picturesque in a garden, such as climb an arbor, fence or trellis. Some vines are flowering, whereas others are not. Vines will often take over the garden if they are not pruned, yet gardeners still plant them because of the great beauty of the vine. Some of the best vines include black-eyed Susan, sweet pea, clematis, hydrangea and wisteria.

Plant Easy-to-Grow Varieties

For those who want a simple path to home gardening and do not need a challenge, there are varieties of easy to grow garden classics. For instance, marigold, nasturtium, phlox and impatiens are simple to cultivate and are quite attractive in appearance. It is best for new gardeners to have some success at the beginning of the gardening endeavor by selecting easy-to- grow choices.


Once a garden is established, part of the fun is to give part of the harvest to others- to have something to share. If a vegetable plot is cultivated in the home garden, it is a nice idea to get in the habit of donating a portion of the home gardening harvest to friends as well as a local soup kitchen. Also, give away cut flowers from the garden to acquaintances. This is a way of spreading the joy of home gardening around.

The above are some ways to achieve success in home gardening. Home gardening is the type of pastime where something new can be learned each season. In time, even amateurs in home gardening may become quite knowledgeable and give assistance to others.

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