Growing Herbs for Beginners Tips

If you are a beginner to growing herbs, here are a few things you should know to help make your herb garden successful!

Growing Herbs for Beginners Tips

If you haven't started you herb garden yet, or are having trouble keeping your herbs looking good, these herb growing tips from may help.

No matter what you've read or heard about herbs, not all of them will behave in your garden in the same way. The dry rocky soils that we've heard about are really not appropriate for many herbs. Certainly some herbs tolerate dryer soils and have lighter watering needs. Other herbs have higher water requirements and will appreciate a bit of shade in the hottest part of the day.

How can you tell which is which?

Take a look at the herbs in your local garden center. Notice the leaves. Some are thicker and may have a silvery, leathery or fuzzy appearance to them. Often these herbs are the ones that will perform better in full sun with less water. Sage and the Artemesia, or Wormwoods are two herbs that fit into this category.

Other herbs prefer more water and will cheerfully live with a bit of light shade. Many members of the mint family fall into this group including Spearmint and Peppermint. The ever popular Basil falls into this category as well. These plants have thinner leaves and need a little more water to prevent wilting. This is not to say they should ever be grown in standing water, or have 'wet feet' for any length of time. Over watering will kill herbs quickly, so learn to check soil moisture levels

The best way to check the water level of your herbs is simply to poke your finger into the ground or container. If the soil is dry an inch down, you probably need to give them a drink. Remember that growing your herbs in containers will cause them to dry out much faster than growing herbs in the garden.

Watering affects flavor!

You may find that the flavor is better when your herbs are slightly stressed- meaning they do not have a smorgasbord of water and fertilizer available at all times. Oddly enough, herbs that are grown in nutrient rich soil have a tendency to lose flavor and scent. Again, check the soil moisture levels and if your herbs are obviously wilted, water them. In very hot weather those thin leaved herbs can quickly wilt to the point of extinction.

Growing herbs is rewarding and can be very relaxing. Now that you know a few growing tricks it can also be very easy!

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