Growing Double Impatiens in Your Shade Garden

Grow double impatiens in your shade gardens or give impatiens as a gift. The flower means motherly love.

Growing Double Impatiens in Your Shade Garden

Double impatiens does not mean double the trouble, but rather, double the delight. With flowers that resemble roses, the impatiens flowers are a beautiful annual that is dependable.

Double impatiens (Impatiens x hybrid) look especially pretty in the spring planted next to blooming azaleas. They are cheery flowers that brighten up a landscape.

Double impatiens tend to be taller than the regular varieties. I also find their colors are more vibrant and breathtaking. My double impatiens bloom in the spring and early summer.

Purchase impatiens from a nursery or garden center as rooted plants. They come in a variety of color such as white, purple, red, orange, pink, lavender.

Flower meaning of impatiens

The meaning of impatiens flowers is motherly love. Send impatiens as a gift for a baby shower, baby's birth or sympathy. Impatiens were grown in Medieval gardens to honor the Virgin Mary.

Here are a few tips for growing double impatiens in your shade garden:

Double impatiens grow nicely in Florida and other warm climates such as South America. Impatiens start to die when the soil becomes cold. I love impatiens because they bloom throughout the season.

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