Growing Begonia for Your Feng Shui Gardens

Bring a sense of harmony to your home or landscape with begonia flowers. How to grow begonias and the meaning of the flower.

Growing Begonia for Your Feng Shui Gardens

Growing Begonia flowers in Florida is easy. Begonias grow beautifully in flower beds as well as in hanging baskets. Some people like to use them as indoor houseplants.

Most begonias are shade-loving plants that grow to be about six to nine inches tall. They come in a variety of colors including yellow, white, red and pink. All of the begonia flowers have a yellow center or eye. I like growing the Dragon Wing Begonia (Begonia x hybrida) for my Florida gardens. They have pretty pink and red flowers, and grow to be a little taller--about 12 to 18 inches.

The most common begonia flowers are the Sumperflorens type such as Wax Begonias, Fibrous Begonias and Everblooming Begonias. Other types of Begonia include the uncommon perennials and tuberous.

Meaning of the Begonia Flower

The begonia flower means "beware" or be cautious as well as "a fanciful mind." When planting a feng shui garden, include the begonia flowers. Begonia is considered a Feng Shui plant that represents "perfect yin/yang balance."

Having house plants can encourage good luck and add good "living chi" to the environment.

Most people grow Begonias as annual flowers since they don't tolerate frost.

Here are a few tips for growing begonia in your Florida flower gardens:

Other tips for growing begonias include removing the dead flowers, leaves or stems to create a more lush foliage.

Whether you want to grow begonia indoors as a houseplant or as part of your gardens, it is a lovely plant that brings a sense of harmony to your home or landscape.

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