Grow Boxes

Grow boxes make indoor gardening easier. This device is a box that contains many of the things needed by the plant.

Grow Boxes


Grow boxes are products full of water that gardeners use to grow their plants. Plants do not actually need soil to grow, but soil has served as the dominant growth medium for plants since soil is much more abundant than other growth mediums. But plants have to search hard for soil molecules and water, so hydroponics systems can help plants grow more efficiently. Grow boxes let gardeners grow plants hydroponically in their homes with the minimum chance of water spills.


Some hydroponic grow boxes prevent water from leaving the system, which can attract pests and can contribute to humidity. Also, open systems need more replenishing since the water evaporates and lowers the water levels of the grow box. Hydroponic systems can become habitats for mold if not maintained properly. However, some grow boxes have anti-mold reflective panels that distribute light throughout the grow box to deter the growth of mold. Grow boxes can get hot because of the energy that passes through these boxes. Therefore, the grow boxes need adequate ventilation and cooling systems to ensure that the grow boxes do not overheat.


Some grow boxes are partially automated and some are fully automated, meaning that gardeners only need to sometimes add nutrient solutions to the grow boxes to allow them to continue to function. Vertical hydroponics systems rely on gravity to reduce the amount of energy that the hydroponics growing systems need to use to produce food.

Plant Needs

The grow boxes contain grow lights that produce the light needed for the plants to efficiently engage in photosynthesis. The plants must be arranged in such a way that they receive the maximum amount of energy per wattage, but the extent of the light output also depends on the level of light that the plant species needs. Some plants prefer partial shade, full shade or full sun. Also, many plants need some darkness so that they can grow naturally. Plants not only need sunlight, but also oxygen, to effectively draw nutrients from the hydroponics solution. Grow boxes must provide the plants with dissolved oxygen in the right quantities.


Grow boxes often allow gardeners to grow many more plants than other hydroponics methods. The Buddha box can grow up to 48 plants in a single box. To ensure that grow boxes continually produce plants of consistent quality, grow boxes use cloning technology, which creates genetically identical clones of plants in the grow box so that gardeners can have excellent vegetative matter every time.

Older Technology

While grow box technology has mostly focused on hydroponic gardening, older technology still uses soil. These grow boxes serve as places to grow plants in places that are normally not conducive to growing plants, such as in urban areas.

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