Great Gadgets for Gardeners

Here is a look at some great products that I have found that avid gardeners would enjoy.

Great Gadgets for Gardeners

Warmer temperatures and the first signs of spring bring out gardening thoughts for anyone with a green thumb. Many women and men enjoy the beginning of the gardening season as much as reaping the benefits of it. As the stores begin to bring seeds and garden tools to the shelves, gardeners begin to look for the fun and useful things that they can use in their garden. There are plenty of fun items out there and here are some of the best I have found.

Garden tools are the biggest asset that gardeners can have. Most of them have plenty of shovels, rakes, and pruners, but are always willing to buy new ones. One tool that I have found that has many uses is the Hoe Dag. This can be used for digging, weeding, hand-tilling, or prying rocks out of the garden. Avid gardeners find that this tool is versatile and hard to ever break. This set of pruners is a smaller size than most other sets and is perfect for trimming and taking cuttings. They are durable and remain sharp and should last for several years.

Another fabulous tool is the Soilblocker. This unique seed tray creates individual blocks of soil that retain moisture better than other seed trays. It provides the perfect start to your gardening and a perfect place to start those seeds.

Most gardeners find that spending time in the flowerbeds or garden can be relaxing and fun. There is a way that it can be even more fun with the Peltor Digital Worktunes Earmuffs. This set of earmuffs can replace those boring earplugs that many wear when weedeating, running the mower, roto tiller, or leaf blower. You can use these to muffle the sounds for all those noisy garden tools while listening to your favorite music. These are even compatible with MP3 players. These are a little expensive, but well worth the money.

For anyone with a green thumb or anyone who wants to have a green thumb, these are some unique, fun garden items that are available and offer help and fun to the avid gardener. Take a look at these items and always keep a look out for that great new tool or gardening helper.

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