Grass Seeds and Moon Phases

Instructions for growing a lush lawn by following ancient lunar gardening techniques.

Grass Seeds and Moon Phases

Planting by the phases of the Moon is an ancient gardening practice that relies on the theory that the Moon's phase and gravitational pull affects the growth and health of plants. Sowing grass seeds according to the tradition of lunar gardening takes a bit of planning, but those who do it believe it may result in a vigorous lawn that sprouts and grows faster than normal.

No matter when you plant your lawn seeds, remember that they must be lightly covered with soil, kept evenly moist, and provided with adequate warmth to promote germination.

Step One

Look on the package for your grass seed and find the average germination times. Most grass seeds are considered "long germinating." Long-germinating seeds take 8 to 21 days for germination. Consult the reference section of this article for more information about determining germination time.

Step Two

Consult a lunar calendar to familiarize yourself with the moon phases at your time of planting.

Step Three

Prepare the seed bed by removing weeds and other plants that will compete for water and nutrients. Rake the bed smooth to receive the seeds.

Step Four

To plant according to the moon phase, sow short and extra-long germination seeds within seven days of the New Moon. The strong gravitation pull is believed to help these seeds absorb water and break their seed coats quickly. Watch for short germination seeds to sprout faster than usual and for extra-long types to germinate by the next new moon.

Step Five

Plant long germination seeds within seven days of the Full Moon. The increasing gravitational pull at this point in the cycle is believed to prepare the seeds to sprout by the coming New Moon.

More Astrological Influences

You can take your lunar planting another step, and plant grass seeds during certain astrological signs for different results. Planting when the sun is in Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn may help your grass develop a stronger root system. For lush foliage, plant when the sun is in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio. Keep in mind that grass seeds require warm temperatures to germinate, regardless of astrological influences.

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