Getting Ready for Spring in the Garden

Gathering and planning lead to an award winning landscape everytime. Don't waste time and money when you honestly do not need to.

Getting Ready for Spring in the Garden

With a very small shopping list you can start preparing your flower bed for the healthiest start to a show stopping showing. Now is also the perfect time to prepare the new soil for easy propagation. Another important aspect of spring preparation is locating and laying out new bed lines. But before any of these very important projects begins you must first take stock in you tool supply. So get your working hats ready and your cooler near by, it is time to step outside and get your hands dirty.

Tools are the backbone of any gardener or landscaper. Shovels and gloves are obvious. Hand tools for most root propagations. Little things that often get over looked are instruments like hose pipes and sprinkler heads. You must have a reliable water source before you begin digging and planting. You must also have water and plenty of it when fertilizing your plants. Wheel barrow tires often go unnoticed until the moment you need to carry a load. Inflate or replace if needed.

You have stared at your lawn and barren landscape all winter long. Now is the time to mark of the new beds and planting you have imagined. Keeping in mind the newly propagated plant material you will have soon. New beds will need a bit more material to start with due to initial soil amendments. While stirring in the nourishing additives like mushroom compost, fine cedar mulch and peatmoss it is great idea to keep in mind the plants that you will be potting for further growth before placement. Add a little more to the new beds and till the potting soil you need for your temporary nursery.

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