Gardening Resolutions for This Growing Season

This article gives some gardening resolutions for the coming growing season.

Gardening Resolutions for This Growing Season

Many gardeners start planning their gardens during the cold months of winter. They map out their garden, order seeds and plants and start preparing tools and area for planting. This article is a list of resolutions to consider before starting anything.

Resolution Considerations

1. Buy your seeds and plants from local growers. Make out your list of what you will need and submit it early.

2. Buy at least two gardening magazine and read and learn.

3. Buy only what you can manage. Wasting plants and seeds is just as bad as wasting food.

4. Plant a row for your neighbors (the hungry).

5. Sharpen and oil your tools before using them.

6. Resolve not to over plant one specific plant. Purchase plants that won't over grow an area. You don't want to waste space.

7. If you haven't yet, clean up your garden area. Why wait till you are ready to begin?

8. Resolve to plant something new. Add something that you have never tried before.

9. Get serious about reducing vine plants like cucumbers, pumpkins. If you don't use them, don't grow them.

10. Plan out your irrigation program. Can you use rain water?

11. Reduce the use of chemicals and herbicides. Control insects and animals safely.

12. Consider adding some color to your garden. A few flowers located for viewing can make your garden more attractive.

13. Have your soil tested. Many gardeners fail to do this.

14. Identify and mark your plants. This is especially important early in the growing the season. Use tags.

15. Attack weeds early and often. Do this before they seed and spread.

16. Plant before it rains. Keep a close eye on the weather for this.

17. Consider a two or three tier garden. One tier is for vine plants, one for height (corn) and one for smaller plants. You will be surprised how much this will help with your gardening success.

18. Build a compost area and use it. Spoiled veggies work great in this area.

19. Share your ideas with other gardeners.

20. Give your garden a name. Make it personal.

21. Gardening can be overwhelming. Resolve to do one thing at a time and do that thing well.

22. Before planting any hybrids, read and learn about them. Bigger doesn't always mean better.

23. Get others involved. Gardening should be a family affair. If everyone eats, everyone should help.

24. Teach your children and grandchildren. Pass along your knowledge.

25. Finally, place a chair near your garden and watch it grow. Appreciate the gift of gardening, that god has given you.

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