Easy Vegetables to Grow in Lower Alabama

This article discribes easy and abundant vegetables for the home gardener.

Easy Vegetables to Grow in Lower Alabama able gardens require some work. If you want a veggie garden with little work, here are 5 varieties to try. All of these are pr oven easy to grow, sure to produce, and compatible with the hot climate of lower Alabama. These plants will even grow in pots, for those with small yards.

Beans are very easy to grow. "Kentucky Wonder" is a prolific green bean variety. It is a pole bean. That means you will need to train it on a fence or cage. If you don't have time or space for runner beans chose a bush variety. Once they start producing, you will be eating green beans at least 3 times a week. They also produce for an extended season. Meaning you will be tired of green beans long before they stop growing. Beans are easy to grow from seed. Before you buy a seed, read the label. Make sure your bean choice will grow in your area. Check to see if it is a pole or bush variety. Then see if it is a one time producer. Some beans produce once a season. You can give them a shot of bloom buster for another run, but it will not be as prolific as before.

Tomatoes are a classic symbol of the backyard gardener. They are easy to grow and bountiful. My choice is a Cherry tomato variety called, "Sweet 100s". The kids eat them straight off the vine like candy. Therefore, we don't spray. Tomatoes require more work than the other vegetables on the list. They must be staked, or the limbs will break under the weight of the fruit. You must pinch the "suckers" off, while the plants are young. Otherwise they will not produce as much. And you must water on a regular basis. The rewards are well worth the work. We have tomatoes all summer. Tomatoes can be grown in large buckets or in the ground.

Peppers are a true favorite of the lazy gardener. They have no special requirements. Plant them and they will grow. My bell peppers are flavorful, if smaller than the stores. My Cayenne's and jalapenos are extremely hot. If you enjoy eating and cooking with peppers, grow your own. You will be shocked at how easy and tasty they are.

Onions are another favorite of the lazy gardener. Like peppers, there are no special requirements for onions. I prefer the bunching green onions to the larger varieties. They can be grown in a pot. That allows me to move them to a shadier spot when the summer gets too hot. I can also use just the green section. That allows the plant to continue to grow all summer.

Baby Pak Choy was my experiment last year. I had never grown cabbage or lettuce. I started them from seed inside and then moved them out. I had 2 harvests of Pak Choy before my green beans started trailing well. They were the perfect size for stir fry. Again, no special requirements. Read the seed label carefully. Pak Choy is an early Spring crop. The hot Alabama sun will kill it, if you start too late in the season.

All of these vegetables are easy and prolific. They are more work than ornaments, but you can eat your rewards! Once you grow your own produce, store bought will never taste as good.

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