Easy Gardening Ideas for the Naturally Thriving Garden

This article presents some ways to have a very bountiful garden. Gardening tips and ideas are explored.

Easy Gardening Ideas for the Naturally Thriving Garden

What could be lovelier during this time of the year than a lush, bountiful garden? Whether adding to last year's garden or even if a completely new garden is being planned, fresh gardening ideas are useful. Gardens are places of peace and beauty, and many enthusiasts have creative gardening ideas to share. The following are some useful gardening ideas:

Successive Planting

In order to make the most of a relatively small gardening space one of the most practical gardening ideas involves successive planting. Successive planting occurs when the gardener plants the second crop before the first crop has been harvested in order to extend the harvest. Some people like to use a chart in order to create a garden calendar of planting and harvesting . This chart may be designed in many different ways, but it is best to focus on creating one that works for the individual gardener rather than copying any set pattern.

Organic Composting

Composting involves feeding the soil instead of feeding the plant. It is one of the most efficient gardening ideas because when soil is nutritious, plants are healthy. It is possible to make compost at home. Some of the materials used to make compost include grass, straw, weeds and eggshells. All of these materials are very desirable for the home gardener and decompose easily to create nutrients for plants.

Buy Seedlings and Harden Them Off

Sometimes, it is difficult to have the patience necessary to grow everything from seed. Luckily, it is quite a common practice to buy seedlings. Seedlings are young plants. Gardening ideas for seedlings include the practice of "hardening them off." To "harden off" means to move seedlings from indoors to outdoors gradually. Just move them outside for a couple of hours a day initially. This prevents them from getting too shocked by the climate change. If seedlings are placed directly into a garden without being "hardened off," they could die.

Plant Edible Flowers

Many people love the beauty and taste of edible flowers. Edible flowers are available in a variety of lovely colors and add much to the design of a garden. Some plants that are edible include rosemary, sage, nasturtium, sweet marjoram, dill, borage and sunflowers. These look delightful in soups and salads and have a delectable fragrance as well.

The above are some charming gardening ideas. Perform successive planting to extend the harvest. Create compost at home from organic material. Buy seedlings and consider planting edible flowers. These wise home gardening ideas have achieved great home gardening results for many.

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