Cultivate an Unforgettable Garden

Lovely gardening concepts such as butterfly gardens, herbs and attractive vegetables are presented here.

Cultivate an Unforgettable Garden

Gardens provide peace and joy to those who cultivate them. Each gardener wants to help in the creation of something beautiful, and each gardener wants their garden to look unique. There are certain fresh gardening ideas that can contribute to the aesthetic of a special garden. The following are some charming gardening ideas to consider:

Attract Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Ladybugs

Gardens that draw lovely wildlife possess extra charm. Some of the most desirable include hummingbirds, butterflies and ladybugs. There are certain flowers that draw these precious creatures. Delightful gardening ideas include planting scarlet sage to draw hummingbirds, butterfly weed to beckon to butterflies and marigolds to attract ladybugs.

Irresistible Fragrance

When designing the delightful garden, do not forget about fragrance. Of particular value are plants or flowers that are both lovely and fragrant. One good selection of gardening ideas for this purpose is lavender. Lavender is pretty and smells so delightful. What about night blooming jasmine? This is another selection of fragrant plant that is completely unforgettable.

Lovely Vegetables

Many people grow vegetables for the taste and nutrition. It is possible to become much healthier by eating home grown food directly from the garden. These may be grown without harmful pesticide. In addition to the health benefits, few consider the true beauty of many vegetables. For instance, for vivid color, choose eggplant, radicchio, red cabbage and ruby chard. Also, look for leaves that have special shapes, as in the case of endive, which grows in an eye-catching shape.

There are some very good reasons to plant attractive herbs in the unique garden. For one thing, herbs draw wildlife, as in the manner in which evening primrose attracts butterflies. Also, some herbs have startlingly vibrant color, as with the deep blue of borage. Herbs may of course be used in salads and soups and add certain freshness to any dish created in the kitchen. If there does not seem to be sufficient space for herbs in the garden, then consider placing them in a kitchen window box. Many herbs do quite well in this type of container and may be planted together with various kinds of herbs mixed in.

The gardening ideas above are some ways to cultivate an unforgettable garden. Attract hummingbirds, ladybugs and butterflies. Cultivate plants with an irresistible fragrance. Consider planting truly lovely vegetables and attractive herbs. These are some gardening ideas that bring uniqueness and joy to the garden.

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