Container Gardening Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Unusual Containers

If you want a garden and have little room for one, you can use containers to grow your plants. Container gardening is simple growing vegetables or herbs in pots, or something else that holds the dirt and plants.

Container Gardening Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Unusual Containers have little or no area in your yard for a garden but still want to have fresh vegetables, there is something you can do besides going to the grocery store or farmers market. Container gardening is simply growing vegetables or herbs in pots, or something else that holds the dirt and plants.

There are some unusual ways to go about this that my kids have done for 4-H projects that are neat. Some of them are the usual pots and such you can buy, but others are bought from different types of stores or just things you might have.

Take for instance the farmers supply store, many states have the same chain or close to it, Fleet Farm or Farm amp; Fleet is a large farmers supply store that carries a wide variety of potable containers that you can use, and not just the ones made for plants. You can use your imagination on this and grow wild.

We have one of those rubber wash tubs or feeding tubs that is made for horses and other animals but works great for plants. You just need to cut a few holes in the bottom and your ready to fill with your dirt and peat moss mixture to start something growing.

We have bought all kinds of containers from a farmers supply store and collected more from other places to use for planters, pots, galvanized wash tubs, feed tubs, half whiskey barrels, and cream cans. The cream cans look great for small plants, the stainless steel does not rust and they make a unique planter.

My wife is from a farming family and grew up with her mom using all kinds of things for planters and she has taken to doing the same thing. It is using this novel approach to gardening that has sparked interest in using unique containers for plants and vegetables.

We tried something that works great for new potatoes, you take a large garbage can or several old tires from a car with out the steel rims. If you use a garbage can you can use either a plastic one or a steel one as long as it's galvanized.

You cut or drill some small holes in it to provide drainage. Then put in some gravel in the bottom, you should always use some gravel or even broken pots that you break up into smaller pieces for drainage at the bottom of your pots or containers. Using a mixture of dirt, either potting soil, regular dirt from a compost site or top soil from a store and some peat moss, or manure you fill the container and then plant your seed potatoes, you can even use store bought potatoes that are not especially for seed if they do have eyes and start to sprout if you leave them for awhile.

We have done this and gotten a potato plant to grow in a tall cream can for fun. With this small can we will not get decent sized potatoes but it is fun to try some of these kinds of things and see what happens. This keeps kids interested in gardening as it turns it into an experiment and keeps their minds working.

If you use tires that have no metal rim or wheel you just stack them where you want them and fill them with soil and peat moss or manure. The potatoes will need some extra nutrients in the soil, that is why I say to add some peat moss or store bought manure that comes in the larger bags.

The amount of soil that is in a can is not enough to provide the potato plants that will grow rather large with enough nutrients so you need to add some from time to time. We usually give all our garden some fertilizer a couple of times a year. And we use composted soil from the city and our own, plus some bagged manure from Walmart or wherever it is cheapest.

You can weed these containers every so often and water at least every few days. You will see the plants start to grow, and take off. They have an advantage over plants that are lower to the ground, they get a little more sun than the same plants that are closer to the ground. I have stacked three tires for the ones in the tires, you can do how many you want.

The trash can is about three to four feet taller than the plants and such around them, this adds to less weeds as well as getting more sun. I have found that it takes some effort for weeds to grow in the trash can with the potatoes. We hardly have to weed it.

When the potato plant is almost all dead you harvest them, you can just take each tire off for that kind. Or you will have to remove some of the dirt from the can to get these out, you can just use your hands. The potatoes will not be as big as the would be in regular ground, but they make great new potatoes or boiled potatoes.

It is a unique and different way to grow potatoes. You can grow just about any type of plant that you would normally plant in a garden into a container. The containers we have used are cream cans, an old sink, a rubber tub, a plastic file cabinet laid on its back, a tall cream can and the tires.

You can think up and find your own unusual and unique containers and get out of the ordinary. Many of the ones we have are from garage sales, farm auctions or the heap at a family farm. The sink is just an old sink from a shop that the owner was replacing.

You can find all kinds of things at thrift stores and garage sales that are very inexpensive and neat looking for plants to grow in.

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