ChivesA Tasty Addition to Your Herb Garden

Chives make a great addition to any herb garden. A member of the onion family it gives a great taste from a very small space.

ChivesA Tasty Addition to Your Herb Garden

Chives are a perennial so once you get them started there is no need to replant each year. They are very bountiful and will take over a larger area if left to go to seed in the winter time. There are common chives and there are garlic chives which to me have a stronger flavor. Both are a great addition and if you do not have space for them outdoors, they are easily grown inside using containers.

Chives can be found growing wild in yards, along road sides, and pastures and several other places. They spread easily and are very hardy.

Chives thrive best if grown in soil that will drain well and should have ample supply of sunlight. If using a container choose a potting mix rich in Hummus. The container should have adequate holes for drainage and you will need to provide a sunny windowsill or other appropriate place for it.

If preparing a site outdoors for direct seedling keep in mind you don't need a large area for a continuous supply of chives. The soil however must be well fertilized and manured to get the best results, as this applies to all gardening. Make sure you choose a spot that during the growing season that will be able to be watered easily. Chives thrive on water but not over-watered. This is why you need adequate drainage. To keep it thriving throughout the growing season an occasional weeding should be done.

Remember it doesn't take many seeds. Planting a few seeds will give you a very ample supply, especially the second year if you let the plants go to seed. Sow your seeds at about 1/2 inch depth and about 4 to 8 inches apart. Plant outdoors as soon as the danger of frost has passed for the region you live in.

Maintain moisture by watering daily. Germination does not take long. Thin if necessary and every two to three years plants should be thinned out and divided to prevent overcrowding.

As soon as the chives reach about 6 inches in height you can start using them. Don't pull the plant. Snip off about 4 inches of the chive. A few weeks later you can cut again.

Chives may be used in all kinds of dishes and fresh chives sure do beat dried chives on a baked potato. It will add a wonderful addition to your garden and to your cooking.

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