Big Ideas for Small Gardens

This article presents some ways to get a big harvest from a small garden. Space saving techniques are discussed.

Big Ideas for Small Gardens

If there is one hobby that is completely enjoyed by a vast number of people across the world, it is gardening. Avid gardeners love to share gardening tips and successful gardening concepts. With so many people so willing to share advice, it is simple to obtain gardening tips to assist a new gardener. Bear in mind that the first gardening season may be a time of trial and error. Here are some gardening tips that experienced gardeners use to get the most out of a small space.


Interplanting is a technique wherein slow and fast maturing crops are grown together. The crop that grows more quickly will be harvested as the slower crop still matures. It is useful to sketch a gardening diagram or map that includes crops that will be interplanted. Gardening tips such as interplanting allow for doubling the harvest in a small space.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is widely used in small gardens and it is delightful to discover the wide range of vegetables and flowers that will actually grow well in containers. Gardening tips for container gardening include making sure the container is deep enough for proper growth of the roots. The types of containers that can be used include clay pots, wicker baskets and even barrels. Container gardening also adds charming eye appeal to the garden overall.

Vertical Gardening

A remarkable amount of harvest can result from proper vertical gardening techniques. Vertical gardening means growing plants that grow as vines upward on stakes and trellises. This is space-economical, as plants that grow as vines will often take over the entire garden if allowed to sprawl out on the ground. Some of these types of crops include squash, cucumber, certain kinds of beans and melons.

Double Cropping

Double cropping occurs when the gardener quickly plants another crop in a space left by a recently harvested crop. This means it is best to really pay attention to timing and harvest as expeditiously as possible. Double cropping is another of the gardening tips that can allow a small garden to obtain a much higher yield.

The above gardening tips are proven to save space in small gardens. It is helpful to learn gardening tips when starting a small home garden so that proper methods may become second nature. Gardening tips such as interplanting, container gardening, vertical gardening and double cropping make a small garden very robust.

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