Aphid Pest Control Beating These Pests in Your Garden

Aphids are a hard pest to control in the garden if you don't know what you are doing. Learn what aphids can do and what steps you should take to get rid of them.

Aphid Pest Control Beating These Pests in Your Garden

One garden pest that many people hate getting is an aphid problem. These small insects can cause significant damage to what you are trying to grow. If you want to be able to control this problem, you need to know some information about them to combat them properly.

Why are aphids such a big problem for your garden plants?

Aphids are a problem because they literally will eat the inside of your plants. They will break inside the plant through tiny holes and start sucking out the insides. Eventually one plant will die. The aphids reproduce and will kill another and another. If out of control, all of your plants will die.

How do I know if I have aphids?

Most of the time you will find these on the underside of the leaves in the garden. They hide out here to be protected and be close to the food source. There will be speckled spots on the top of the leaves as they are dying. This is the first sign of damage and when you should start taking action as soon as you can.

How do you control an aphid problem in a garden?

To fix the problem first starts with whatever your gardening methodology is. Some use chemicals to kill pests and others use organic methods.

The chemical process is simple. Buy an aphid control product designed to be sprayed on the plants to kill them and other pests.

For those wanting natural solutions there are other options. Water the bottom of the leaves to knock them off. If this doesn't work, make a soapy solution of water and dish soap to spray on the plants that are infected. A last option is to get an organic spray designed to kill aphids but not the beneficial insects in the garden.

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