A Rare Garden Delight The Little Shrimp or Chinese Lantern

Do you want a rare little gem to stand our in your garden? Learn more about the Little Shrimp Chinese Lantern, including its habitat, care instructions and much more! Be the envy of your neighborhood with this rare plant.

A Rare Garden Delight The Little Shrimp or Chinese Lantern

Now that the storms and cold of winter is beginning to depart, it's time to think about gardens again! No matter where the garden is, color and beauty are all but mandatory. When picturing the garden, why think of dull and ordinary when there are plenty of exciting options to delight both the gardener and anyone who passes by? The possibilities are almost endless for a colorful and interesting garden and yard that speaks of the style and charm of its owner. This article will focus on a plant referred to as the Little Shrimp or Chinese Lantern.

Abutilon megapotamicum which is more commonly referred to as the Little Shrimp or Chinese Lantern look so delicate and really demands attention from passersby. The colors do vary, so a gardener can really have some fun when it comes to designing a showcase of fantastic foliage.

This delicate looking plant is from the Malvaceae family. The shrub is a hybrid and can grow up to approximately two feet. They thrive in partial shade but do need direct sunlight for a portion of the day. While these plants do require regular watering it does not need to be saturated or need to be pampered in any way.

The colors of the Little Shrimp Chinese Lanterns usually range in pinks which include a smokey pink to a rose shade. They do spread easily and grow nicely so they are ideal for borders. Using against white picket fences is also a good idea to make the blossoms stand out. Using them for ground cover or under trees where other flowers or grass can not grow is a common use for this versatile plant. They are generally very easy to grow and are fast growing which are two very good qualities for the impatient gardener that is looking for fast results.

The Little Shrimp Chinese Lantern can bloom all year long if the conditions are right. This also makes it a great addition to add beauty to certain times of the year when flowers are not blooming. Regardless of your specific needs in your garden or yard this year, you might consider this rare shrub as a new, eye catching improvement.